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Life hadn’t turned out the way she had expected. The gracefulness she experienced in her youth was diminished by the responsibilities of her life. She was the oldest of 7 Children and a surrogate mother to the younger majority. The memories of dancing out in the garden while her mother called to her asking if she was done with her chores, fully aware that she wasn’t, was a bitter sweet memory. She missed her mother, she had been gone many years by now, but had she been allowed to dance a little longer, maybe her feet would have taken her further in life.

Her late husband of 50 years had always enjoyed her dancing, he called her artful. Although he had two left feet, he would attempt to dance with her any moment that children weren’t clinging to their legs. He thought there was nothing more beautiful or graceful than seeing the love of his life glide across the kitchen floor. He wondered, had he never met her, would she have maybe been a professional dancer?

A widow now, her bones ache and her graceful legs have betrayed her. She longed for the day when people would gaze at her flawless movement. She reminisced, with every step, of the young woman she once was. She knew people looked at her as though she were just any tired old woman, but the spirit inside of her was still alive with fluidity. She longed for the day someone saw her for her soul and not the shell of the woman she once was.

As she passed by children running and playing in the street, her eyes sparkled with delight. The joy they displayed was so familiar to her. Like a long-lost friend. Her day dreaming was interrupted by the bumbling motions of an older gentlemen passing by, she moved to the side as he passed attempting to clear out of his way. “Poor man” she thought to herself.

Life hadn’t turned out the way he had expected, his body had long betrayed him. Passing by the elderly woman on the street, he wondered if she could see at one point in his life, he was once a nimble dancer.

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